Purification Rundown – Detoxification Program

We live in a chemical-oriented society. Drugs, toxic substances, pollution and other life-hostile elements pervade the world you live in.

If you’ve ever felt fatigued for no apparent reason, less alert than you used to be, irritable without cause or have just plain lack of energy and enthusiasm for life, chances are you were experiencing the effects of accumulated toxins in your body.

Drugs and Toxins

“The magnitude of the drugs and toxins cannot be overstated. They wreck your health and drown your energy.

But they’re doing much more – they block any stable advancement in mental and spiritual well-being. In fact, they stop your whole life.”


Running is followed by sweating out the drug residuals in a sauna. Profuse sweating helps purify the system of toxic substances.

Regular nutrition and supplemental nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals are an important part of this program.

The regimen of running, sweating in a sauna, nutrition, and adequate rest is repeated daily until one no longer feels the effects of past drugs going into restimulation and as a result can think clearly and make stable advances in mental and spiritual well-being.

The “Detoxification Program”, otherwise known as the “Purification Program”, has been designed solely to “handle the biochemical barrier to spiritual gain…” It is a careful combination of exercise , vitamins, nutrition and sauna used to dislodge drug residues and other toxins from the fatty tissues of the body so these substances can be eliminated from the body.Medically liaised and assisted by specially trained personnel, you’ll be oriented to the program and ensured that you will be correctly administered to and the desired benefits obtained.


Success Story

The Purification Program has had mental and physical benefits including:

  • Increased confidence in myself
  • The ability to think more clearly and sharper
  • I am able to talk to people more freely
  • More energy
  • Soft skin and glowing complexion
  • My emotions are more stable
  • I am more positive and joyful in relation to everyday situations
  • Feel clarity and freedom from “running out” the drugs and toxins in my body
  • Increased wellbeing.

It has been a fantastic program and I feel it will aid me to have success in many facets of my life.

B. D.